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Masters and Guru Yoga

Open Heart-mission started in 2008. Through several phases of development, our founding teachers were introduced to many spiritual masters and teachings. In this way our approach has evolved and it is still being modified, whenever needed. The core of the Open Heart-method are the living blessings to actual spiritual masters or mahasiddhas. As in most tantric traditions we emphasize living connection between a practitioner and a master or guru. This is traditionally called guru yoga.

Padmasambhava a very well known master who brought buddhism and dzogchen-teachings to Tibet is our main master. However we draw inspiration from the blessings and teachings of a several other masters as well.

The names of the masters may be chanted aloud or silently at any time or place, for example each day before one's meditation practices. For example, before your Tibetan Heart Yoga-practice you can tune in with Padmasambhava and let your bodymind be flooded with his powerful blessings.

Guru Yoga

Guru Yoga is a meditative practice which means "the student tuning into the presence of the guru". This is done by repeating the mantra (tuning in) and then feeling in your own body the presence and energy of the master (guru yoga, guru meditation, skt. guru dhyana). Guru Yoga is also done briefly at the beginning of each practice session when you ask blessings from the master for the happiness and liberation of all living beings.

Remembering one's master and tuning into his presence can not be emphasized too much.

However, this does not mean that a teacher or master should be seen to be higher than the student. Both the teacher and the master should be seen as a friend, supervisor and a specialist when it comes to spiritual matters.

Padmasambhava and other masters

Padmasambhava's mantra:

  • Namo Guru Padmasambhava Namaha

Other masters of importance:

  • Om A Hum Babaji Namaha

  • Om A Hum Machig Labdron Namaha

  • Om A Hum Lahiri Namaha

  • Om A Hum Lao Tsu Namaha

  • Om A Hum Isha Natha Namaha

  • Om A Hum Buddha Natha Namaha

  • Om A Hum Ayu Khandro Ma Namaha

  • Om A Hum Vimalamitra Namaha

  • Om A Hum Pa Dampa Sangye Namaha

  • Om A Hum Dudjom Lingpa Namaha