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13 Pure Land Jhanas

Pure Land Jhanas related to 13 buddhas listed below, are states of dzogchen meditation plus a way to determine whether the practitioner has perfected any, some or all of his or her bhumis.

In this context the Pali word jhana (skt. dhyana) does not refer to absorption or meditative samadhi, as it does in some forms of buddhism.

With the perfection of bhumi/s, there is no intoxication or bliss, only the dynamic clarity of the natural state (atiyoga). If one gets absorbed to any of these jhanas, with any of the buddhas in their corresponding bhumi, the bhumi is not perfected. It is the residual karma stored in the subtle body that causes both absorption and bliss.

Everyone is welcome to try these Pure Land Jhanas but it is recommended to get properly introduced to them with the help of teacher's transmission.

  1. bhumi – Amitabha, Guru manifestation: Padmasambhava

  2. bhumi - Ratnasambhava

  3. bhumi - Vairocana

  4. bhumi - Amoghasiddhi

  5. bhumi - Akshobya

  6. bhumi – Maitreya

  7. bhumi - Shakyamuni

  8. bhumi - Mahasthamaprapta

  9. bhumi - Akasagarbha

  10. bhumi - Ksitigarbha

  11. bhumi - Nyima Ozer

  12. bhumi - Dorje Chang (Vajradhara)

  13. bhumi - Samantabhadra (Kuntuzangpo)